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2007, Mar
Supplying Slide Hinge for SAMSUNG
mobile handset
2006, Dec
Acquired “SQ (Supplyer Quality)
certificate” from Hyundai Motor
2006, Nov
Established “Taipei office”, “Shanghai
Office” and “Shenzhen Office”
2006, Nov Acquired TS 16949 certificate
2005, Jul
Developed “Sol. coil Ass’y” for ABS & ESP
of Automobile Ind.
2004, Oct
Vendor Registered in LG Electronics Co.,
2004, Jun
Developed Sliding Module & Special Hinge
for Mobile Handset
2004, May Acquired ISO14001 EMS certificate
2004, Mar
Vendor Registered in PANTECH &
2004, Mar
Vendor Registered in SAMSUNG Electro-
mechanics Co., Ltd.
2001, Nov Acquired ISO 9001 QMS Certificate
1973, Mar Established “Sungjin Precision Co.”